Meet Defonsio Daniels

Defonsio Daniels is running for Georgia State Representative to bring new energy and leadership to the George State House of Representatives.
Standing here today, united in our mission to improve our state for all its residents, I declare my candidacy for the Georgia State House of Representatives with a strong sense of purpose. I seek your support as we collaborate to shape a brighter future for Georgia.

While I may not be a traditional politician, I am a dedicated community member deeply invested in the well-being of our people. Having heard your concerns, hopes, and aspirations, I pledge to be your voice in the State Capitol, championing integrity, transparency, and genuine care for our citizens.

My platform prioritizes accessible healthcare, quality education, women's rights, outreach programs for youth and adults, military benefits, and fostering small business development. By working together, we can unify community relations to benefit everyone in our county and beyond, striving for compromise and progress in line with our shared objectives.

Economic growth and equal opportunities are crucial, and I am committed to investing in small businesses, promoting job growth, supporting workforce development, and ensuring businesses align with the needs of our citizens. I eagerly look forward to engaging with as many community members as possible and rallying our support to demand better representation for Camden in the upcoming elections.

Together, let us demonstrate a unified front, showing our leaders that Camden deserves better and turning out in force at the polls this November.

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