Defonsio Daniels Announces Candidacy for Georgia State House of Representatives, Championing a Brighter Future for Camden County


Defonsio Daniels, a proud Marine and former Federal police officer, is taking a bold step into politics, announcing his candidacy for the Georgia State House of Representatives. Aiming to serve Camden County with integrity, transparency, and dedication, Daniels brings a fresh perspective focused on accessible healthcare, education, and small business development.

Camden County, GA – Today, Defonsio Daniels, a dedicated community member, proud Marine, and former Federal police officer, officially announces his candidacy for the Georgia State House of Representatives. Daniels steps into the political arena not as a traditional politician but as a concerned citizen deeply invested in the prosperity and well-being of Camden County’s residents.

A New Vision for Georgia

Defonsio Daniels pledges to bring a new vision to Georgia politics, one rooted in integrity, transparency, and a genuine care for the community. “Our state faces numerous challenges, but together, we have the power to overcome them and forge a brighter future for all,” Daniels stated. His platform focuses on critical areas such as accessible healthcare, quality education, women’s rights, effective outreach programs for youth and adults, enhanced military benefits, and robust support for small business development.

Why Defonsio Daniels?

Daniels brings a unique blend of leadership and community service experience to his campaign. His extensive background as a Marine and a Federal police officer has equipped him with the skills to bridge divides and foster positive relationships between community members and law enforcement. One of his notable achievements includes initiating outreach programs that have significantly benefited the youth of Camden County by improving their confidence, communication skills, and physical well-being. “I am committed to leveraging my experience to enhance community relations, support economic growth, and ensure equal opportunities for all our citizens,” Daniels emphasized.

A Call to Action

The Daniels campaign calls upon the residents of Camden County to join in support of a candidate who embodies the values of service, community, and progress. “Together, we can demand better representation for our county and make our voices heard at the polls this November,” said Daniels. As he engages with community members across the district, Daniels looks forward to sharing his vision and listening to the concerns and aspirations of the people he aims to serve.

Join the Movement

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