Defonsio Daniels is running for Georgia State Representative to bring new energy and leadership to the Georgia State House of Representatives.

Defonsio Daniels & Family

A Stronger Economy

  • I advocate for enhancing economic growth and fostering opportunities for all residents of Georgia. By supporting small businesses, facilitating job creation, and backing programs for workforce development, we can lay the foundation for a more robust and prosperous state for the next generations. Ensuring a secure and efficient approach to integrating community members into new or existing work environments is crucial, with the residents of this county taking top priority.

A Better Education For All

  • Central to my passion is the enhancement of our education system. Every child in Georgia should have equal access to quality education, irrespective of their background or location. I will push for increased funding for schools, champion our educators, and guarantee that our students are equipped with the necessary resources for success.

A Stronger Community

  • I am dedicated to preserving our environment and natural resources. Georgia boasts remarkable natural landscapes, and it is our duty to conserve and protect them for the benefit of future generations. I will advocate for sustainable approaches, clean energy projects, and environmental safeguards to ensure a flourishing and healthy state for years to come.

    Above all, I believe in the strength of unity and collaboration. As a candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives, I commit to diligently laboring towards shared goals, fostering agreement, and achieving results that advance the interests of our esteemed state.

    Together, we have the potential to forge a brighter path for Georgia. Together, we can effect positive change. I respectfully seek your support and your vote in the upcoming election.

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